Publish date: 2019/01/28 | Expire date: 2019/05/01

From 23 November 2018 to 30 November 2018, we carried out a visit on bilateral project BI-CN/18-20-007: "Study on Key Intelligent Control Technology and Method of Robot Assistant System for Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation", which is collaborated with the group of prof. Zhenli Lu from Changshu Institute of Technology.

The project aims to develop robotic rehabilitation training for children with cerebral palsy and elderly after stroke. Related technologies such as Domain-Specific Modeling Languages ​​(DSML), Evolutionary Computation (EC), and Mirror Neural System Mechanism (MNSM) can improve the robotic system for rehabilitation after cerebral paralysis. We also carried out visits to three rehabilitation centers at Jiangsu Province and conducted the following lectures:

Marjan Mernik, Formal and Practical Aspects of Domain-Specific Languages: Recent Developments,
Tomaž Kosar, Program Comprehension of Domain-Specific and General-Purpose Languages: Replication of Experiments,
Matej Črepinšek, Introduction to Evolutionary Computation with Evolutionary Algorithms Rating System framework,
Miha Ravber: Tuning Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms for the Integration and Testing Order Problem.